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International Sport Business Campus soccer program in Germany

A Unique Opportunity for International Student Athletes to Combine Professional Soccer and Higher Education in Germany

Keystone Sports announce a new partnership with International Sport Business Campus (ISBC) and their program for professional soccer players.

Keystone Sports, Europe’s leading student athlete recruiting solution, and the German professional soccer program provider International Sport Business Campus (ISBC) are announcing a new partnership.

The International Sport Business Campus offers a unique concept for aspiring soccer players; a master’s degree program in Business Development which also includes a professional soccer program. The degree program allows international soccer talents to maintain the opportunity to become a professional player while earning a recognized university degree from Steinbeis University.

This 2-year master’s program has a sports management orientation, and the courses take place in block seminars in VIP areas and facilities of various Bundesliga stadiums. The professional soccer program is carried out at the Soccer Academy in Arnstadt. There are up to eight soccer training units per week under Bundesliga player development protocols, held in both small groups and in teams. Every player is optimally trained and promoted according to the player’s needs and goals.

Facts about the program:

– A state-recognized Master of Arts from Steinbeis University.

– English as teaching language.

– Includes 12 basic modules and 5 specialization modules.

– 120 ECTS awarded (2-year program).

– Starts annually in August.

– Yearly cost is €37,500 for study, soccer program, accommodation and full board.

– During your studies you live in the Soccer Academy Arnstadt near Erfurt with 24/7 supervision.

The master’s program has four major special features. Firstly, the block courses take place in small groups in the VIP areas of various Bundesliga clubs. Secondly, due to the exclusivity of the course and the proximity to the Bundesliga clubs, it is possible to build up a unique network in the sports industry. Thirdly, the course is perfectly tailored to the needs of soccer players and gives them the freedom they need for daily training and games on the weekend. Lastly, there are additional individual training opportunities, such as learning German as a new language, acquiring a soccer coaching license and gaining initial practical work experience at partner companies.

This partnership with International Sport Business Campus is an excellent addition to Keystone Sports and aligns with the mission of supporting international athletes to combine higher education and playing sports. Keystone Sports have made it possible for more than 10 500 student athletes to study in the US and Canada and practice college sports at the top level, supported by sports scholarships.

For further questions about the program, contact the International Sport Business Campus by phone on +49 89 452 48 48 2 or e-mail at For general information, visit

Study where the heart of soccer beats.

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Oriol Peiris, the Keystone Sports Marketing Manager, leverages his background as a former Spanish soccer player who competed at high levels in Spain and the UK. He studied at Stanford University and the University of VIC. With expertise in both sports and academia, Oriol drives innovative marketing strategies in the sports industry.

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