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Ready to take your golf to the next level? Practice top-class golf while securing a bachelor's degree in the USA thanks to golf scholarships.



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Experience the ultimate mix of opportunities with golf scholarships in America: golf and a bachelor’s degree!

With golf scholarships in the USA, you can dedicate time to both training and competition while pursuing your studies at university. The scholarships provide financial assistance to cover the costs of both your studies and your golf aspirations.

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Golf is one of the biggest university sports in the USA. California and Florida are two states that especially attract golf players, largely due to the weather that allows for year-round golfing. However, you’ll find a wide selection of colleges and universities across the country offering golf scholarships and the right conditions to develop as players.

College golf in the USA has its own tournaments and competitions for student athletes. As a university-level golfer, you compete both individually and as part of the school’s team. Golf in US universities opens many doors for young players. For example, there is a specific PGA tour (PGA Tour University) for players who qualify through results from college golf.





Several golf players who competed at the absolute top level have studied at university in the USA with golf scholarships during their early careers. Luke Donald and Colin Montgomerie are two examples.

But you don’t need to have a professional career or the PGA Tour as a goal to be able to play college golf. College golf has different divisions and levels where you, as a student, can choose a level of golf program and university that suits you and your ambitions.


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Thanks to sport scholarships I was able to complete a degree and meanwhile compete at the highest level in a Division 1 school.

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Studying in the USA with the help of college golf scholarships is a dream for many young golfers, and for good reason! Many of the world’s top-ranked universities are located here. As a golf student-athlete, you get to experience top-notch education, incredible golf facilities right on campus, and immerse yourself in the exciting American university life!

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