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Field hockey scholarships:

play college field hockey and study in the USA

Unleash your full potential in field hockey while securing a bachelor’s degree in the USA or Canada. College field hockey is an excellent path for aspiring players. With field hockey scholarships, you get financial aid to help cover the expenses of studying and your sports practice.

Through sports scholarships and grants available via the American college sports system, student-athletes receive additional support to finance their education, sports training, and career aspirations.

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College field hockey is one of the most popular college sports, particularly in the northeastern states of the USA, although universities across the country have their own field hockey teams.

As a college field hockey athlete, you get to play field hockey daily and compete in tournaments with your team, while securing a university degree. Thanks to schools with field hockey scholarships, you get financial support to improve your skills, both as a student and athlete.





Field hockey scholarships provide a fantastic opportunity to field hockey players. Whether your ambition is turning into a pro player in the future or simply want to combine your bachelor studies with field hockey.

Having studied abroad as a student athlete with a field hockey scholarship is a fantastic experience. It’s an experience that helps you grow and makes your CV stand out from the crowd.




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They guided me through the whole process starting from a highlight video to helping me to get in contact with coaches and finally the college application.

Take your time making the right decision with choosing your university and enjoy the lifestyle of a student athlete, you will never regret!

Meeting with other international students and professionals is one of the benefits of being a field hockey player on a scholarship in the US. But you will also sharpen your athletic skills and receive a top-quality education from an American university!

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