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Football Trial for Free!

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Male or female from 16 to 19 years old

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Keystone Sports is excited to announce an upcoming USA Soccer trial, providing a platform for talented players to showcase their abilities in a competitive environment. This trial is set to take place at Beaconsfield Town Football Club and is open to both male and female players aged 16 to 19. Participants will undergo a 30-minute warm-up session followed by a full trial match. This is an excellent opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills in front of USA Scholarship specialists with over 10 years of industry experience and potentially secure invitations to compete and study in the USA.

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Why Participate?

Don’t miss this chance to train like a pro and experience the thrill of US football training. Bring your passion, energy, and skills to the field and make the most of this unparalleled opportunity. The day includes a 30-minute warm-up followed by a football game per session.

Players interested in participating must register in advance to secure their spot. This trial is a significant step for young athletes aiming to progress in their football careers. Don’t miss this chance to prove your abilities on the field and take a pivotal step toward your football aspirations.

Expert Coaching

Participate in dynamic training sessions led by a top NCAA Football Coach. Learn invaluable techniques and strategies that can help you excel both on and off the field.

Elite Training

Get a firsthand experience of the training methods used by US college football programs. Our NCAA coach brings expertise and insights that will help you develop as a player and a student-athlete.

Pathway to Advanced Opportunities

Impress our coaches and staff, and you could be invited to join more advanced programs and training camps in the future.

Competitive Environment

Engage in a full-scale match that mirrors real competitive play. This is your chance to showcase your skills in a real game setting.

No Cost

This event is completely free! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity without any financial commitment.

Scouting Opportunities

Perform in front of professional scouts who are looking for emerging talent.

The Location

Nestled in Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield is a charming market town blending historical heritage with modern amenities. Known for its well-preserved Georgian, Tudor, and Elizabethan architecture, Beaconsfield features a quaint Old Town and a vibrant New Town with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. 

Beaconsfield Town Football Club, established in 1994, is a cornerstone of the local sports community, dedicated to developing local talent and promoting football for all ages. The club’s home ground provides top-notch facilities, making it ideal for events, matches, and training sessions. Beaconsfield and its football club offer a welcoming environment for football enthusiasts, combining historical charm with sports excellence.

Don't miss the chance...


Male and female 16-19 y.o.


11th of August


Beaconsfield, UK


Completly free