Infographic illustrating number of CSUSA student athletes to each US state

CSUSA enrolls 392 new student-athletes at US colleges in 2022

Keystone Sports are proud to present CSUSA's Class of 2022

CSUSA’s Class of 2022 consists of 392 new student-athletes, enrolled at college and ready to study and play college sports. Find all the info here!
Infographic illustrating number of CSUSA student athletes to each US state

The Class of 2022 – consisting of 392 international student-athletes now starting their American or Canadian adventure of combining sports, education on a sports scholarship, academic scholarship, or international scholarship in the college sports system.

A big congratulations from our whole team to all these 392 student-athletes for getting accepted and enrolling at a vast range of US schools for the spring or fall semester in 2022. Some schools we’ve helped students to previously, while others are new schools we work with for the first time. In total, we have helped our student-athletes to 238 different schools in 40 different states.

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About the author

Kim Moe Krohn

Kim Moe Krohn, from Oslo, Norway, is a former student-athlete at the University of South Carolina Upstate, where he combined soccer on a scholarship while getting his degree in Communications. Before graduating, in 2008, he co-founded College Scholarships USA to help more international student-athletes get opportunities in the US college system. He is currently the VP Operations at Keystone Sports.

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