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College Golf Spring Break: From Kiawah Island to Hawaii

Get ready for a school break filled with golf, tournaments, and island adventures!

Women's golf is one of the most popular sports at universities in the US. But what is it like to be a college golf student-athlete? You get to travel and compete in incredible locations - like Kiawah Island and Hawaii!

Women’s golf is one of the most popular sports at colleges in the US. But what is it like to be a golf student-athlete? You get to travel and compete in incredible locations – like Kiawah Island and Hawaii! Follow along with our student-athlete Cathi Graf, and her college golf adventure for the spring break. 

Spring break is finally here, and it is not only a week off from classes; it’s about hitting the fairways and chasing birdies on the most beautiful courses! This year, my college golf team went on an epic spring break trip that took us from the sandy shores of Kiawah Island to the breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii, and finally to the sunny coast of California. Buckle up because I’m about to take you on a journey through our golfing adventures. 

Cathi Graf article hawaii

Spring Break Activities for College Golfers

Our spring break kicked off with the first tournament in Kiawah Island a golfer’s paradise placed along the South Carolina coastline. We shared a big house with the team surrounded by palm trees, which quickly became our home away from home with morning workouts, cooking sessions, and, of course, lots of practice and the Charleston’s invitational at Briars Creek. The course in Kiawah Island was absolutely beautiful with probably the fastest greens I ever competed on. Although, I must admit, it was a little unnerving to see an alligator casually strolling by while we were teeing off! 

After an exciting tournament, we hopped on a 12-hour flight from Charlotte to Hawaii for the next part of our journey. The excitement was huge as most of us had never been to Hawaii before, and it did not disappoint! The golf courses in Hawaii were like something out of a dream – lush greens, panoramic views, and the sound of waves crashing in the background. Our tournament course, in particular, challenged us with lots of wind with its coastline layout. You better hit the green, or your ball could end up in the ocean! 

Cathi Graf article hawaii

Island Adventures and Preparation for Upcoming Women's Golf Tournaments

With a couple of practice days before the tournament, we had plenty of free time to explore the island. Fully prepared in our Hawaiian shirts, we hit the beach, enjoyed the in fresh local food, and soaked in the island vibes next to some turtles. It was the perfect balance of relaxation after midterms and excitement before teeing off in our next tournament. 

As our time in Hawaii came to an end, we boarded a redeye flight back to New Jersey for a quick breather before our next tournament in California. Despite the jet lag, we were pumped and ready to hit the course once again. 

Overall, our college golf spring break was an unforgettable experience filled with team bonding, competition, and plenty of memorable moments both on and off the course. It is trips like these that remind me why I fell in love with the game of golf in the first place and the reason why I wanted to play college golf growing up. Spring break may be over, but the memories will last a lifetime. 


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